Is it time for a smart lock?

Digital technology is, well, cool and convenient. Many of us will at least wonder whether installing a digital door lock at home is a good idea.

Thinking about getting CCTV? Consider this

They are a good visual deterrent, and if someone does break in you could capture them on camera and be able to provide the police and security firms with evidence. So, should you get CCTV for your home?
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​Keeping your car or motorbike safe at home

The 2015/16 police statistics show that even though vehicle theft decreased 2.3% in that reporting year, 53 809 cars and motorcycles were stolen. That means 147.4 cars or motorbikes a day. Fifty percent of these crimes occurred in Gauteng.
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The things burglars and robbers don't want you to know

We all know the basics of home security. South Africans, after all, have faced high crime levels for years. There’s no better way to protect your home, and your loved ones, than to think like a thief. Look at your property as though you we
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10 security mistakes young families make

Worse than having your home burgled, or being robbed, is kicking yourself for making security mistakes that cost you expensive items, or worse. Here are some of the common security mistakes young families make:
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How to survive a violent protest

It’s pretty clear that more and more protests in South Africa turn violent, whether it’s communities protesting over service delivery or students campaigning for free tertiary education. While most protests are peaceful, sometimes violence