Safety on campus

Safety on campus

1. Always remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings

Always be sure to keep your eye out for suspicious or out of the ordinary activity. You need to be wide-awake and alert at all times of the day for signs of unusual behaviour that could affect you.

If you notice that someone is following you, change your route and head into a crowded area.

If you see a suspicious car is following you, head straight to the nearest police station.

Don’t be fooled that criminal behaviour only happens during night. It can happen anytime and it’s really important to not let your guard down. Keep your belongings out of sight when possible and don’t flash expensive gadgets like cellphones or laptops around when in public spaces. Do not use your smartphone whilst walking. This is a huge distraction and can be an enticing advertisement for thieves.

2. Head Out in Groups.

If you walk home alone after a night out during the early hours of the morning, then you’re making yourself an easy target for a criminal. It’s important to stick with groups of friends, at least three or more. Even if your friends decide to leave the club early, make a responsible decision and leave with them. Most unfortunate incidents happen to people who are alone at night when they shouldn’t be.

Stick to a group of friends when moving around from class to class on campus as well. Dangers to not only lurk at night.

4. Know Where Security Is

When you’re on campus, be sure to know the exact locations of security offices or personnel. Whether that be the nearest police station or university campus security. It is important to know where to report an incident and where to seek help. Speak Out. Creating awareness is key to addressing crime. If you’ve been a victim of crime or your rights have been violated in any way, don’t keep quiet about it. Make sure that you report the incident to the university and at your local police station.

5. Carry a personal safety device in you hand

When walking around campus, waiting for an Uber or just going out with your friends always make sure you have easy access to a personal safety device. There are many pepper sprays and alarms on the market. NHSM recommends the Yale personal attack alarm. It is simple to use and very discreet. All you need to do is pull the string to activate the loud siren to draw attention to your situation. Carry this in your hand ready to use. To purchase your own Yale personal attack alarm head over to