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Safety on campus

Often at University or College students are so busy having the time of their lives that they let their guard down and forget about personal safety. NHSM brings you 5 top tips to personal safety in and around campus.
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Staying safe around a pool

What better way to beat the heat than take a plunge in a crystal blue swimming pool? But whether you’re enjoying a dip at your home or in a public pool, following effective safety measures is essential in order to minimise the risk of accid
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Christmas and New Year safety Tips

Wherever you live, a staycation can be the best thing, ever. Your own pillow, your own TV and set of movies, your own bookshelves and some gentle pottering about in the kitchen or garden. Great. National Home Security Month wants to keep it
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A Guide to Digital Home Security

There’s no doubt about it: smart home technology is here to stay. In just a few years, products such as voice-activated assistants, WiFi-enabled fridges, and wireless HD security cameras have gone from niche luxuries to mainstream items.

NHSM | UJ student project presentation 25 June 2019

This year NHSM is sponsored by Yale Security and together we have partnered with the University of Johannesburg to give students an opportunity to create an awareness campaign around the importance of good home security.